Spring To-Do List

Spring is here and it’s time to prepare your yard and garden for the upcoming season. Whether it is you or your honey, here are a few things to get you started.

  • Cut back - any remaining perennials. Ornamental grasses should be cut back to 3 inches to allow new growth to shoot up. And as weather permits, remove any mulch you, or Mother Nature, put over the top of your perennials and roses.
  • Divide – perennials, such as hostas and day lilies, as soon as ground thaws to thin a crowded area or fill in a sparse one.
  • Push - heaved plants back into the ground by tamping them down around the base with your foot, or use a shovel to replant them.
  • Prune - the old wood or damaged limbs from roses and raspberries. Shrubs that are grown for foliage rather than flowers, such as barberry & burning bush can be pruned now. Rose of Sharon should also be pruned now before buds start to swell. Do not prune spring flowering shrubs such as Forsythia and Lilac until after they have blossomed.
  • Rake – left over leaves and dead foliage and pick branches from your yard.
  • Remove - Tree trunk wraps that were applied in fall to deter deer damage or bark splitting should be removed.
  • Mulch – your flower beds and around trees and shrubs. Now is a good time to add a top layer of mulch to freshen up an established bed, or lay down 3” on new bed to aid in moisture retention, deter weeds and add organic material to beds.
  • Empty – last year’s pots and containers and get them ready for new soil and plants. Pots can be sterilized in a 1:1 ratio of water & vinegar or 1:10 ratio of bleach & water. Soak for 30 minutes to eliminate any disease spores or insect larvae.
  • Remove – burlap from trees and shrubs. Cut away any winter-killed branches to make room for new growth.
  • Spray – animal deterrent on your sprouting tulips before the deer get a chance to see how good they taste.
  • Plan - your vegetable garden. Test your soil, till the garden and add compost, lime and fertilizer as needed.