Red, yellow, and white onion sets are in along
with 5 varieties of seed potatoes.


 Each variety of potato has approximately 8 potato seed pieces per pound.

Get the whole bag or weigh out what you want.

Several kinds are available but the best sellers from last year are listed below.

Don't forget to try the fingerling styles too!


Yukon Gold
Best seller and an excellent keeper!
Attractive, smooth, thin yellow skin, shallow eyes, yellow flesh and uniform yields. If you like your fried potatoes golden brown, Yukon Gold will almost turn that color by themselves. However, with Yukon Gold, your mashed potatoes are golden and beautiful to both the eye and the taste. When first harvested, Yukon Gold shows unique pink eyes not seen in other yellow varieties. They are best when home grown!


Russet Burbank
The Idaho Potato that Idaho built its reputation on!
Also known as the "Idaho Netted Gem" or simply "The Russet". It is the most widely grown potato in the United States.


Red Pontiac
Natural - Easy and adaptable red potato for home gardening.
Most likely the easiest and most adaptable red potato there is to grow, not to mention the consistent flavor! Attractive deep red skin and eyes, white flesh. The tuber of choice for new potatoes or fresh eating. Red Pontiac came from Florida in 1945 so it grows well in both the South and North regions.


Kennebec Potato Seeds
Natural - One of the most popular potatoes grown by home gardeners.
Kennebecs are superb boiled, mashed, fried, hashed or baked. Good jacket potato - smoother it in sour cream, cheese, chives and bacon. It's absolutely perfect.


Bare root Purple Passion Asparagus is available for
the next 2 weeks ONLY!

Barerootwithhand 200WOpt       AsparagusPlanted 200WOpt       AsparagusPicked 200WOpt

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